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Michael, Founder of eWave


eFoil enthusiast

Founder of eWavel

Michael, Founder of eWave

Michael lives all year where others go on holiday. He loves northern Italy, especially Lake Garda and all water sports. eFoiling has changed his life!

What our clients kindly say:

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Superb eFoil school with top equipment and a superb coach. I was with Michael 3 days (1 hour each day) on the board and afterwards able to hover on Lake Garda standing; simply amazing. It was so much fun that I ordered at Michael's right away my own board. Ordering, handling and delivery as well were perfect. Now I am hovering on my own board on my domestic lake and am thinking a lot about the fantastic time at Lake Garda. All the best furthermore for yourself and your eFoil school.

There is nothing better than mid November with the snow covered Monte Baldo in the background learning how to eFoil/fly on Lake Garda under the care of Michael. An unforgettable experience! Thank you Michael for your professional guidance; so even a somewhat older, slightly obtuse gentleman like me could approach it in a completely relaxed and uninhibited manner and simply take off with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Gear and safety equipment are top notch, the location is ideal and Michael a fantastic instructor. We'll see each other in the winter sun, promised!

That's a really cool thing (moreover when you know how to). Michael is a very calm, patient and professional instructor. Even I was allowed to experience my first flights over the water. You feel all the time safe being with him on the Lake. Absolute recommen-dation, especially for German speaking interested parties as eWave is the only eFoil school at the lake teaching in German language. We'll see each other again next year!

Mega experience! Mega Guy! Unbelievable cool afternoon! Those are the first things coming to my mind about Michael and his eFoil school! It's a really amazing feeling to fly over the water like that and Michael makes it really easy to do it with his super manner and the simplicity of the explanations. With top notch equipment and safety gear flying over Lake Garda is an absolute recommendation. I'll be back next time I'm at the lake, see you around....and thanks again for this awesome action.

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