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eFoil School and Rentals at Lake Garda | eWave

Your German, English and Italian speaking experts for eFoils at Lake Garda! From beginners to professionals – whether you're looking for training sessions at our eFoil school, rentals or purchasing eFoils.
Fly the Waters on the stunning waters of Lake Garda!



First Audi/SiFly
eFoil School at Lake Garda – Welcome
to eWave

E-Foiling, especially on a fliteboard or an eFoil surfboard, is more than just a water sports trend. Renowned for its water sports, Lake Garda lets you experience the sensation of hovering over the crystal-clear water without the need for wind, waves or a boat.

Our goal at our eFoil school in Manerba is to get you flying within the first lesson. Professionals can kick-start their adventure right away with our motorized surfboard rentals!


Book your eFoil experience!

Book your water sports experience on Lake Garda! You can easily book your lessons here with our online booking system or make appointments via these telephone numbers.

Our team speaks German, English, and Italian and looks forward to your inquiries!


Motorized Surfboard –
your eco-friendly
water sport

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to water sports at Lake Garda? E-Foiling is almost completely silent and produces neither waves nor emissions. As the name suggests, these electric foil boards are powered by an electric motor. Being environmentally conscious while having fun is not contradictory with these eFoil boards!


Fliteboards – Audi eFoils and SiFly

Start with the best equipment – that's our promise to you! At our eFoil school & rental service at Lake Garda, we provide you with impact protection life vests, wetsuits and helmets with (and without) intercoms for optimal comfort and maximum safety.

Moreover, we only use the best boards from brands like Flite, Audi eFoil and SiFly. Lessons are conducted by specially trained instructors. Thus, our eFoil school meets the highest quality and safety standards.



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+39 351 780 31 19

What are eFoils? 

eFoils, also known as electric hydrofoil surfboards, represent a new development in water sports. These innovative vehicles combine electric mobility with the latest hydrofoil technology, offering a unique experience. Many customers describe it as a "motorized surfboard". The magic lies in the hydrofoil system beneath the water, which significantly reduces water resistance, resulting in a quiet, almost silent ride. Many refer to it as a "hovering surfboard".

How do you control an eFoil surfboard?

Controls are via a wireless remote, giving the rider control over speed. Everything else is controlled by using your body weight and sense of balance. eFoils are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, making them eco-friendly and quiet.

Why eFoil on Lake Garda?

Lake Garda is the perfect backdrop for eFoil adventures for several reasons: •The breathtaking scenery of Lake Garda, with its majestic mountains and picturesque towns, makes every eFoil ride an unforgettable experience. •The mild climate of Lake Garda allows you to enjoy eFoils throughout the year. Summer is perfect for gliding over the clear waters, while the mild temperatures in spring and autumn with less traffic also make riding very pleasant. •Lake Garda is vast and offers a range of waters, from calm bays to more challenging areas with strong currents. This makes the lake attractive for both beginners and experienced eFoil surfers. •Lake Garda has been popular with water sports enthusiasts for a long time. The region boasts a well-established water sports culture and numerous facilities and services catering to various water sports activities. •Lake Garda is easily accessible from many European cities, offering a convenient travel opportunity for water sports enthusiasts.

What should you consider when riding a Fliteboard?

Riding a Fliteboard, especially for beginners, can be challenging. That's why we offer 90-minute introductory courses where you can learn the controls and handling of the boards without any prior knowledge. Safety is our top priority – with the right protective gear and our top-notch coaches, we ensure a safe experience. The speed of eFoils can be impressive, with most models reaching speeds of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour. This can offer a thrilling ride but requires steady control and balance. Hence, it's crucial to learn the basics of eFoil riding before venturing into the water.

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